How To Create An App For Free?

Which Business Model is Best to build your app free?

Monetizing an application can be the single most challenging aspect when undertaking a mobile venture. Keep reading more about Create An App For Free. Everyone wants to sell their application and have millions of users download it. As app stores have become oversaturated and the app development process has become cheap and widely available, simply selling an application is not usually enough to make you a millionaire.
The following list provides a few business models worth considering for your next mobile venture. Before you start to create an app for free, keep in mind that leveraging multiple business models may make the most sense for your monetization strategy, and also remember that not all app stores support all of the business models below.

Make Your Own App

  • Sell the App
As mentioned above, this is the easiest and most desirable way to make money. Build a great app and reap the rewards. The likelihood of that happening is another story.
  • Build a Service App
A great example of a service model is Seamless Web. The Seamless Web App lets users place delivery and take out orders from vendors within their geographic area. Another example is Ubercab, which is a mobile application/SMS service that lets users book car services with one button.  Find a service void in the mobile arena, and start create your own app!
  • Freemium
The freemium model can be used in several different ways depending on your application.

1) First, you can sell an enhanced version of your free application. The challenge with this method is that you have to gain enough users that actually like your “limited feature” app enough to buy the upgrade.

2) Second, you can sell content such as levels, or alternatively, charge to remove content such as advertisements.

3) Lastly, you can sell in-app advertising with services like iAd or AdMob. Like the first variation, selling advertisements is only profitable if your app is already widely distributed.

  • Make Existing Technology Mobile
Whether it is your company or another’s, there is a trend to take existing enterprise technology mobile.  Most companies want to take their proficient internal software mobile to increase the productivity of remote workers. There is a niche in CRM and headhunting software, given the vast amount of changing data associated with these industries.  There is a huge need for these types of mobile applications, as the company’s internal software is already proven.
  • Subscription Apps
Wired, Sirius/XM, and Wall Street Journal have all capitalized on the subscription business model.  Subscription services can work well for industries such as fitness, news, or any industry where the user wants the application’s information on a regular basis.  A good example is the application, INRIX Traffic!, which utilizes both the subscription and Freemium model. The “commuter” upgrade lets commuters see ideal times to leave by factoring in real-time traffic data.
  • Take Your Business Mobile
Extending your existing business to the mobile realm is an excellent branding opportunity.  One way you can take your business mobile is by enhancing your brand value to the consumer, such as offering discounts for users who download or review your application.

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